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October 11,pm. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Kirkanos Trade Count: 0 Jr. I have an Aimtrak Lightgun without recoil and am trying to get it to work with a PS2 but it does not. I have read through the setup guide and the PS2 guide but to no avail. When I first tried it I could get into calibration mode by holding the the 2 buttons when turning the PS2 on but I couldn't do anything once I was there.

I never saw any cursor and even though I could shoot the screen flashed and I got a shooting soundI couldn't do anything else. I did manage to start Time Crisis II with the gun and it seemed that I could shoot things but only if I only made minute gun movements.

The reload also worked when I moved the gun away from the screen. I eventually found that the sensor was not working as the connector that connects to the sensor PCB was not fully connected. When using a mobile phone camera, I could not see the LEDs. I plugged it all back into the PS2 and again I could start calibration mode by holding the 2 buttons but again I could not see a cursor!

aimtrak ps2

I unplugged and re-plugged and since then I cannot even get into calibration mode. Nothing happens when I press the buttons. Notes The gun works perfectly on a PC. I can move the cursor and I can select items by pressing the trigger or if I configure the buttons I can use these to select. Using the Aimtrak v2.

I can see the X and Y coordinates etc changing. Nothing appears in the Cal Status field Firmware: 9. I have changed all them to different settings previously. I have never used mine with a PS2 so cant really help much sorry! Your best bet will probably be to contact Andy at Ultimarc directly and hopefully he can help you out.

A good reason to skip Ultimarc. Nothing but problems lately. If I had only one wish, it would be for three more wishes.International Shipping For This Product We can NOT ship this product outside of the UK with any courier air shipping service such as DHL Express as this product is scanned by customs services and may cause a security alert due to the shape and nature of this product gun shape.

aimtrak ps2

Customers from the following destinations would need to choose the shipping methods below when purchasing this product on the website. Europe: Parcelforce Priority Courier OR Royal Mail Royal Mail shipping option will only display when a shopping cart weighs 2kg or less International Outside Europe : Royal Mail Customers who wish to order more than two light guns must checkout separately for each pair when ordering 2 recoil guns AND other products, the light guns MUST be ordered separatelyas more than two light guns would be too heavy for the Royal Mail shipping service 2kg maximum.

aimtrak ps2

No drivers required. Up to 4 guns can be used together Arcade quality light gun with two buttons and trigger. Ready to play.

Available in Red, Blue or Black. Note if you wish you can remove the casing from this unit for installation in an arcade cabinet.

See the Aimtrak Module instructions for this. Movement of the gun should cause the mouse pointer to move. Its as simple as that! At this time the pointer may not move to the edge or may go off the edge and bounce to the other side. This is normal as the light gun is not yet calibrated. Calibration Calibration is only required once. Settings are stored in the AimTrak gun.

The light gun must be held vertically during this process otherwise it will fail. Hold the gun at the approximate location you will be using it. Note that the gun calibration must be done at the height the gun will be used at. This means if you intend to look through the light gun-sights when playing you must do this when calibrating, or if you "shoot from the hip" you must do this when calibrating.

Players which are very different heights will not easily be able to share a gun. Hold the trigger for 5 seconds this value can be changed, see later.

The mouse cursor will eventually start to move and come to rest, pointing at a location near the top left corner of the screen, and begin to flash. Aim the gun at the cursor and pull the trigger again. The timing is not important as the cursor is an indicator only.

The aim is the only important factor. The cursor will then point to a location near the top right corner. Aim at the cursor and pull the trigger. The cursor will then point near the lower edge of the screen. Aim at this point and pull the trigger. Note the position to aim is offset to the left of the screen center-line.

Calibration is done! If any of the above steps fails, the cursor will continue to point at the required location and not advance to the next stage.October 11,pm. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. A new version of firmware and config utility is now available for the AimTrak.

MAME just isn't good enough. It's a gateway drug. Now I need to get off my bottom and solder that new board in Thanks for upgrade. I have been messing around with this new firmware and software.

I do think its a lot better than previous version. I'm sure it is probably some changes that were made not agreeing with my setup. I am sending video out of my laptop by S-Video cable to the TV. So I'm trying to use the TV to track instead of the tiny Laptop screen. It wasn't perfect with version 1 on Laptop but version 2 on Laptop Jitters like made. Because it is Flawless on My 19 in Crt Monitor OK Don't want to interrupt the thread Just Rambling. Whats the latest on AIM Track, is it stable from readings its seems to be the one to buy over all other light guns.

What seems to be the best gun to rip apart, with the least amount of hassle.

aimtrak ps2

Have you tested on XP x64? I am not able to get the firmware updater to work. The software works, and immediately tells me I need to update my AimTrak firmware 1.October 11,pm. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Dual gun Dual Aimtraks for 2P games is working. Important Trick!

special aimtrak, ps2, teknoparrot, atract mode 147gb

Manually create a folder named inis into PCSX2 folder. End Game for example. Code: [Select]. Really great!!!! Spot on - much needed guide - will look this up when get round to PS2 setup. Nice man! I can't wait to try it. Have you tried Vampire Night or Dino Stalker yet in two player dual mode? For Vampire Night the times I've actually been able to calibrate player 1 in game, once it says calibration adjustment complete press A or B to continue, i'm not sure what to press at that point to move after calibration?

What's the a or b button? I don't think I can use my xbox controller for those two buttons. My aimtrak side buttons won't do the trick. Would I need to use a specific keyboard key for A or B? Any help would be much appreciated. Same for Crisis Zone. I'm having trouble getting past the calibration screen. I'm sure it's something super simple and i'm going to feel like a dumbass. Thanks a bunch! Hey man, I am super unfamiliar with how to set up an AHK script for the keyboard keys. I am still struggling to get past the calibration screen when tells you to press A or B to exit or end calibration set up.

I know you said to use a AutoHotKey but I have know idea where to begin. I'm sure it's simple but again, i am not familiar with that.Join the Discussion. Search this site. Project Overview. Project updates. Join Our Discussion Join the Discussion.

Introduction Now this setup did my head in. Great emulator, but terrible inbuilt lightgun support - shame seeing as some of the best LG games are on the PS2 at the moment.

Basically, your Aimtraks have to be put into a 'special' mode. This is "GunCon" mode. To do this:. Lastly, you'll need TopGun drivers - these will mediate between the AimTraks and the emulator plugins to relay GunCon signals. Download this facility. It'll allow you to instal unsigned rivers on your Windows OS.

Download the nuvee plugin for pcsx2. TopGun Settings:.

Black Ultimarc AimTrak Arcade Light Gun for Mame Win Ps2 Ps3

Follow this guy's guide to setting up: - AimTraks via the TopGun plugin puts them into Guncon2 mode - The nuvee plugin. TopGun Settings: Set them as shown in this pic.

They will no longer be listed as separate devices. Any buttons you have wired up will no longer show up as controller buttons. I think the only function it has is an "A" button on the gun itself.

All other GunCon features are mapped to the keyboard via StarTrekker's handy plugin [edit: presently trying to source].Matt, United States Highlights of Scandinavia by car, June 2016 We had a great experience from the very beginning. Linda, United States The Classic Fjords Route, June 2016 All of the hotels, guest house were SUPERIOR.

AimTrak Arcade Light Gun With Line Of Sight Aiming Without Recoil

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