Comcasts xfinity tv app for roku starts beta testing

Had no problem setting up the app in Roku. Looks like it works properly - allows me to search, see favorites, etc. I can click on "Live TV" and see the proper stations and schedules.

I chose a channel, then a show to watch live This happened repeatedly - I tried different channels, different shows. Each time, once I click watch, the app closes. Go to Solution. On mine, I changed to a new contract and a couple of days later got into that reboot cycle. I have been using the Beta Roku app since August with no issues. However today and yesterday evening I have had lots of issues.

I select the channel and it takes forever to load and then it begins to play for 2 seconds and then it stops, and returns to loading the program. The next time it usually keeps playing, but I arnold schwarzenegger working out had it stop twice and think about it and just now I think it is finally playing for good.

comcasts xfinity tv app for roku starts beta testing

I don't know if this relates to your issue, but this is very annoying. I used to be up and watching my favorite shows in seconds, now it can take a couple of minutes. I guess it's definitely still Beta! I had the same problem when I changed contracts 2 days later. Thank you!! So I turned it back on today, and it's working perfectly.

I DID, however, print out your instructions. I have a feeling I might need them at some point. I really appreciate you taking the time to help! I checked it out today, and it's working really well. I made no changes but I did keep the notes of the other poster, just in case!

I tried everything suggested to get my xfinity app to work. No luck. I had gone to the comcast store to return my boxes no longer in use and changed the service to get a better rate.

I called comcast and they told me it is a roku problem not an xfinity problem.Roku isn't just for cordcutters. The Time Warner Cable app, now merged with the Spectrum TV appis consistently one of the 25 most-watched Roku channels despite the fact that it requires a cable TV subscription. But the channel is still in beta and has a number of limitations. First, keep in mind that as a beta app you can expect some bugs and lack of functionality.

Comcast says that it is releasing the app in order to get feedback prior to the official launch. They don't give specific instructions on how to give that feedback, but they do direct users to the Xfinity TV on Roku thread on forums. Reportedly due to hardware restrictions, you must also be an Xfinity Internet subscriber. TV-only customers won't be able to use this beta app, but Comcast says that it is "working hard to make cable-only gateway equipment available soon" so that customers with 3rd-party Internet service can use the Roku app.

Also note that you must have a Roku device running firmware version 7. Comcast identifies the following Roku models as being compatible:. Visit this Xfinity Forums page for a complete list of requirements and restrictions. Assuming you have the right hardware from both Roku and Comcast and the right subscriptions, the Xfinity TV Beta app will let you access your Xfinity TV cable channels, including live and on-demand programming, on your Roku device from within the home serviced by your Xfinity TV and Internet accounts.

Some of you are wondering why you need the Roku app if you already get Xfinity cable TV. At one point it was thought that by streaming Xfinity TV through a Roku device, you could avoid the rental fees associated with a cable box.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Xfinity TV app for Roku now available to Comcast customers in beta form. Newest Roku Channels. View All Private Roku Channels. What's on Roku - Classic album documentaries, binge-watchable channels, free movies and TV shows. What's on Roku - Frontline documentary, free hit movies, and popular TV series.

What's on Roku - Crackle Originals, hit movies, popular children's shows, live webcams, and vintage video games.If you're hoping to replace your cable box in favor of a Roku device on Comcast's Xfinity cable service, you're more than welcome to do so. Just don't expect it to be free. Comcast published an FAQ on using Roku devices in place of its cable boxes this week, in which the cable provider said it won't levy an equipment charge if you're using a Roku device with its Xfinity TV app during the current beta testing period.

Better yet, during the beta, Comcast is waiving additional outlet charges for services from outlets connected to your Roku device. But once the beta is over, expect to spend some cash. Comcast announced this week that Roku owners could now use those set-top boxes instead of the traditional cable boxes to access Comcast content.

To do that, you need only to download the Xfinity TV app beta to your Roku device, connect your account, and you'll be good to go. It's part of a broader initiative by the U. Letting cable customers use third-party products instead of a rented cable box has raised hopes that consumers would be able to save some cash and get a better set-top box experience. You might draw a comparison to cable modems : instead of renting one from your internet provider, you can buy your own and save money over the long haul.

Given Comcast's FAQ, though, it appears the cost-savings might not be what they seem. You're essentially paying a massive premium to the company just for having another connection to its cable running in your home. Cable companies argue the outlet charges cover their costs and the maintenance required to keep outlets working. So far, Comcast hasn't announced whether it would allow you to ditch its boxes entirely and just pay a fee outside of the box charge to run on Roku. If nothing else, it appears the Roku option might not be as nice as it seems.

Tom's Guide. PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV: Face-Off. Topics Streaming. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.Once again, my Xfinity Stream app on my Roku device has quite working. Same issue as a few months ago. Start the app in Roku, app say "initializing" then I get a black screen that says. No code or anything. Tried the previous advice, deleting app. Erased Roku back to factory specs, then reinstalled the Xfinity stream app.

Once everything back on line, restarted app but no joy. Last time it just started working again after about a week once a new update came out for the beta program. Would be nice to hear from any others that are experiencing similar or are most systems on Roku still working fine? Xfinity streaming still works fine if accessed via computer. Everyone is missing live tv so would be nice to have it back with a fix again. Thank you for posting in our community!

The app is still in Beta status, we are still trying new configurations, some of them work, some of them fail. I can definitely check your account and troubleshoot the issue.

I got your private message and will reply back in a minute. Ya, the longest beta run in history, lol.

I'm to the point if it's isolated that I'm ready to go out and buy a whole new ROKU system if it's a possible fix. I have no cable aside from this and I miss my local news at night. It's either this or go invest in a mile antenna to try and pull the signal in that way.

Can Roku Stream Comcast Xfinity?

Thanks in advance for any feedback from other users! I do show the ticket is still open. Did they get in contact with you regarding this request? I am still scratching my head.

comcasts xfinity tv app for roku starts beta testing

The last attempt with a Comcast technical support was to do a complete factory reset with my Roku. We tried with a complete new Roku account but the xfinity channel would not delete to reinstall. I was told to contact Roku for help with this issue and to call back when solved. Roku has absolutely no technical support. By the way, the phone number I was given by Comcast for Roku technical support turned out to be a third party scam!

Now that I have found your forum and searched, at least I know someone else is experiencing the same problem. Any suggestions?

comcasts xfinity tv app for roku starts beta testing

I understand, I do apologize for the troubles with this. The teams working this ticket are still reviewing this. Once they know more or need to have you check something they will follow up with you directly to see what can be done to assist.

Really appreciate you taking the time to post here and it's nice to know I'm not the only one this might be effecting.When we try to watch any recording it pops up the message saying "You appear to have finished watching this recording.

Would you like to delete it? Choosing No does nothing and the message stays on screen. I've uninstalled the Stream from the Roku, restarted the Roku, reinstalled the app, and also physically power cycled the DVR.

The problem persists. Hi Rustyben, I tried your suggestion. It still won't play on the Roku and only prompts with the option to delete. I've also discovered that Xfinity On Demand stopped working through the Stream app on the Roku as well. I can browse On Demand, but when I select something it tries to start playing and then goes back to the title selection screen for what I tried playing.

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Comcast Will Let You Use Roku as a Cable Box, With a Catch

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Sign In. New Poster. I am not a Comcast Employee. I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums. We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation.

Was your question answered? Mark the post as Best Answer! All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Visit Our Help Communities.It is the X1 platform that covers all the live broadcast channels, cloud recordings, and video-on-demand services, but without X1 box.

According to Comcast, this beta test is done so that it can check out the performance and added features before the official launch actually happens later this year.

You will also need a cable subscription, of course, and so this is not really a solution for cord-cutters like the One Time Warner Cable is testing in the New York City. One interesting wrinkle for this particular app is the changing world that revolves around it. At the time Comcast proposed its plans, the FCC was finally working on a mandate for cable applications that has since been shelved. It is unclear anyhow that the newly reformed commission will be looking upon these specific efforts when compared to other plans, or what rules it might actually roll out in the near future.

The program was actually touted as a way to watch Xfinity cable TV without actually requiring leasing a set-top box from the Comcast. It seems like still there are some kinks to work out on that front. I installed the new Xfinity TV partner app, it's realy good working well,I can ditch my set-top box. Comcast has now opened up the Xfinity TV beta app to owners of Roku streaming devices for testing. The test run is free to use now, but. Log in to leave a comment. Sunday, April 19, How to apply for Caips Notes?

What are the process stages of mining? Get rid of your colliding problems once and for all. List of best Rainiertamayo alternatives of all time []. Tech Update. Share on Facebook. GPA Calculator Tips. What to Look for in a Lightweight Vacuum. After Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we need to embrace ourselves for yet another high end smartphone that is going October 19, April 18, May 8, June 1, Denny Farhan - January 6, 0.Xfinity is an internet and television cable brand formed in as a part of Comcast conglomerate.

It was only a matter of time before Xfinity decided to dip its toes into the world of streaming service providers. Recently, the beta version of the Xfinity channel became available for Roku, allowing users of this streaming platform to link their cable subscription. This article will explain how to set everything up.

Before you start looking for Xfinity channel on your Roku or getting an Xfinity subscription see if your device is compatible with it. Furthermore, you need to have at least 8. Before you set up the Xfinity channel, you should get it from the channel store first. Do the following:. The Xfinity Beta channel should appear on your channel list. Just follow the instructions below:. You should see a message informing you that the installation was a success.

Your Roku will display a Terms of Service screen that you should read carefully and accept if you want.

comcasts xfinity tv app for roku starts beta testing

First of all, you may see all your recently watched channels, TV shows, movies, and other content on your home screen. Also, the app makes it easy to purchase or rent movies and TV shows from a substantial media library.

Xfinity Stream on Roku Express - Unboxing and COMPLETE Setup - Review

Furthermore, the Roku app allows you to subscribe to premium content with just one press of the subscribe button. This content includes sports packs, international and local channels, channels with specialized content, etc. Finally, those who require additional support to navigate the channel can use the Roku voice guide and voice description features as well as closed captions.

Thanks to Roku, you can increase the size and adjust the position of closed captions and enhance your experience. While it contains a bunch of great features, the Xfinity channel for Roku is still in the beta version. On the other hand, the app is also prone to good improvements. Therefore, if you like it already, the chances are it will only get better.

Do you enjoy additional Xfinity features on your Roku?