Dwight hits himself in the head with his phone deleted scene

One of the central elements of Jim Halpert 's character as originally conceived is his devotion to playing pranks at the office to relieve boredom. By far, his most common target is his overbearing desk mate, Dwight Schrutethough he later moves on to playing pranks on Stamford co-worker, Andy Bernard ,when he transfers branches.

He will sometimes prank another coworker, such as the unsuspecting Kevin, if thrown into an awkward situation or bored. More often than not, Pam Halpert collaborates with Jim on the pranks on Dwight.

dwight hits himself in the head with his phone deleted scene

Here are some of the more notable pranks Jim has played on Dwight, Andy, or any other unsuspecting co-worker. A few of them are Dwight's pranks too. Jim pranked Dwight and Gabe into a thigh-curl contest, and this was the resulting picture. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? Jim's Christmas gift to Dwight. This backfires when he states that he could fall and pierce an organ. Locked Dwight inside his own "work space" Health Care. Agreed to participate in an "alliance" with Dwight, using it to feed his paranoia in a variety of ways including dying his hair blonde in order to spy on the Stamford branch and hiding him in a box.

The prank backfires when Roy sees Jim giggling with Pam at her desk and Dwight denies Jim's allegations about the alliance. The Alliance.

Convinced Dwight to purchase a purse from a vendor Hot Girland then made fun of him for having it deleted scene. Convinced Dwight a Thursday was a Friday causing him to be late for work the next day Performance Review. Made Dwight believe that Jim's party was a surprise party for Michael. Puts Dwight's Items In Vending machine.

The prank backfired; the speech was a smashing success. Convinced Dwight an abandoned infant was in the women's restroom causing him to walk in on Meredith "on the can" Conflict Resolution. Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk and attempted to convince him that he had committed murder. Dwight, in fact, thought that "Jim was the real murderer" Conflict Resolution. Encircled Dwight's desk in police tape Conflict Resolutiondeleted scene.

Encased Andy's calculator in Jell-O. Convinced Dwight and Michael that gaydar was a genuine electronic device that can be purchased. Later sent "gaydar" to Dwight, which Dwight amusingly used and set off the sensor on himself Gay Witch Hunt. Gained access to Dwight's hotel room at a paper convention in Philadelphia just to find a hooker in his room that is actually Angelathough he doesn't appear to recognize her The Convention.

Made high-pitched noises with Pam, hoping Dwight would schedule an appointment with an ear doctor, called "pretendonitis" The Coup. Switched his squeaky chair with Karen's chairand then refused to get up all day to prevent her from taking it back Initiation. Stared at Dwight's forehead for no reason The Merger.Description Jim and Dwight have worked together for four years.

In that time, Jim has flexed his pranking skills to a degree which has rarely been seen. When Michael calls the two foes into the conference room to solve their conflictthe past pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight come to light. When he did so, Dwight was treated to Meredith doing her duty. Dwight hit himself in the head with his phone. Once Dwight was used to the weight, Jim removed the nickels, causing Dwight to smack himself in the head.

Reaction Each one of these pranks was formal complaints to human resources. That folder looked pretty big, so it can be assumed that these were just a few of the highlights. Originality 10 — He would have gotten a ten just with the nickels in the headset. Length Taken 10 — Jim is king. All hail Jim. Special Award Tip of the Iceburg Award — Jim has pulled some doosies, but these are in a whole other league.

Not to mention, four years of pranks with Jim averaging a prank a week is over pranks. Originality Award — I still laugh at the thought of Dwight smacking himself in the head with his phone.

Dunkin Flicked by Neb at AM. Labels: at DwightJimSeason 2. Macro is a voice, i believe, i know it is on my computer. Thats why i thought it was so funny. I'm not sure about the logistics, but I do know that the only thing Jim said about it was, "Just a simple macro. You guys don't know what a macro is?

It's basically a script that specifies how an input sequence Dwight typing his name is output. So, in this example, the macro automatically changed the sequence Dwight to Diapers when typed from the keyboard. Post a Comment. No money is being made from this site and no copyright infringement is intended. Monday, February 26, Jim's Prior Hijinks. July 19, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. I have no problem with you linking to your own site, but know that I know the difference between your site and an advertisement.How can you not love Jim and all the wonderful pranks he pulls on unsuspecting Dwight.

Some of them are so funny, I swear I'm still laughing days later. If I've left one off, or you have a good prank of your own let me know. And the CIA is considering Dwight for a top secret mission. She has made a classified file which has the application she made him fill out along with the list of every secret he promised he never ever tell. Secret: Last year my boss Michael Scott took a day off. He said it was because he was sick but really it was to go to Magic Camp.

Jim, as the CIA, contacts Dwight and tells him that he is needed in Langley immediately for training and an ice cream social with the other agents. A helicopter will pick you up.

Dwight is waiting at the helopad when he gets a text message: You have been comprised. Abort mission. Distroy phone.

dwight hits himself in the head with his phone deleted scene

And with that Dwight throws his phone in the river. The Office Pranks How can you not love Jim and all the wonderful pranks he pulls on unsuspecting Dwight. Jim flatly refuses and calls the Scholasic Speakers of Pennsylvania instead. Ben Franklin comes to the party. The guy who comes to the party portraying Ben Franklin doesn't go out of character. So Jim tells Dwight that he is the "real" Ben Franklin. Dwight continually quizzes the guy but fails to get him to mess up.

While going on a sales call together, Dwight gets in the backseat of Jim's car. Jim questions this and Dwight explains it is the safest place in the car. So Jim slams on the breaks on Dwight bangs his head into the back of the driver's seat. This makes Dwight believe that he has a sure fire tell on Jim. Of course Jim is just messing with him and eventually takes all of his money because of it. Jim's find's Dwight's wallet in the parketing lot and brings it to Pam to decide what they should do with it possibly buy a horse.

Pam persuades Jim that they should do nothing with it and just give it back. However, Dwight doesn't believe that they haven't tampered with it so he cancels all of his credit cards. Jim gets a hold of Andy's cell phone and while Pam is playing "look out", Jim climbs up and opens one of the ceiling tiles. Then he throws the phone in the ceiling above Andy's desk. Now, Jim and Pam just keep calling the number watching Andy get more and more upset. When Andy puts his fist through the wall, Jim is worried and hangs the phone up.

While Michael is on vacation, Jim is running the staff meeting. Dwight brings out a recorder claiming that Michael wants a transcript of the meetings. Jim begins the meeting normally and then says: Dwight, what are you doing?

dwight hits himself in the head with his phone deleted scene

You can't take your pants off in the office! It's making me uncomfortable. This is sexual harrassment. Dwight looks as the recorder horrified Oh my God! He's got a knife!Is 'Sergio' on a Netflix a True Story? Where Is 'Outer Banks' Filmed? Fans of bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica rejoice! Today we celebrate the very best of one of the most unique characters in television history: Dwight K.

Dwight was gullible enough to believe that Jim possibly brought Ben Franklin back to life, yet brave enough to save a co-worker in peril. If we could describe Dwight Schrute in three words? Hard-working, alpha male, jackhammer… merciless, insatiable. Michael Scott and Jim Halpert may have received more acclaim, but the owner and proprietor of Shrute Farms was the straw that stirred the drink. His love for paper? His disdain for malfeasance? Two weeks ago we celebrated the very best of fashion maven extraordinaire Kelly Kapoor.

Written by Mindy KalingDwight crashes his car when attempting to rescue Michael from his slightly scorched foot. This results in Dwight acting strange. Well, stranger than usual. Doctor: Does the skin look red and swollen? Damn it, Dwight. Stream "The Injury" on Netflix. Andrews account, I need your urine, I need some filing done.

Dwight: What kind of filing? Also, Dwight and Jim are at their antagonistic best during an interrogation that gets away from our favorite beet farmer. Stream "Drug Testing" on Netflix. The other? Stream "Conflict Resolution" on Netflix. Dwight: Pull over at exit There is a Liz Claiborne outlet.

I know you like that store.

Conflict Resolution

Go inside and shop, until I can meet you. Jan: How do you know I like that store? Jan: How do you know that? Dwight: Noted. Also, Dwight attempting to pump himself up by frantically running around the Dunder Mifflin parking lot is solid gold. Stream "The Coup" on Netflix. From a character standpoint, Dwight really came into his own during Season 3.

Dwight chooses to resign to protect a secret that would expose his clandestine relationship with Angela. Stream "Product Recall" on Netflix. From Mose throwing manure to Dwight reading Jim and Pam a bedtime story, the adventures on the beet farm are top-notch. Still reeling over his breakup with Angela, Dwight finds a sliver of unexpected solace from his office nemesis in a scene that helped strengthen the unlikely bond between the Tom and Jerry of the paper industry. Stream "Money" on Netflix.

Bill Buttlicker scene. The Jim and Dwight vs.Known for its dry humor and hilarious scenes, viewers got to know the characters very well.

I put them in order by season and corresponding episode. Feel free to add any I may have forgotten. Season 1. Episode 1: An American Workplace. Jim convinces Dwight to buy a purse from Katie. Episode 6: Hot Girl. Season 2. Jim and Pam set up a fake resume for Dwight Episode 5: Halloween.

Episode 6: The Fight. Episode 8: Performance Review. Episode Booze Cruise. Episode Conflict Resolution. Jim convinces Dwight he can move things with his mind, and moves the coat rack with the help of Pam and an umbrella.

Episode Casino Night. Jim pretend coughs during poker to make Dwight believe he has a good hand. Season 3. Episode 1: Gay Witch Hunt. Jim and Pam would hum the same high-pitched note to convince Dwight to see an ear doctor. Episode 3: The Coup. Episode 7: Branch Closing. Episode 8: The Merger. Jim and Pam send Dwight messages from the CIA, one of them being to go on the roof to be picked up by a helicopter.

Dwight takes out a tape recorder during a meeting with Michael and Jim says ridiculous stuff about Dwight as a result. When Dwight says he prefers the backseat, Jim backs his car up suddenly so Dwight hits his head. Episode Traveling Salesman. Jim trains Dwight to reach over for an altoid every time he rings a bell. Jim convinces Dwight he was bit by a bat and is now a vampire Episode Business School.

Jim dresses up as Dwight.While it's less of a prank and more of a direct insult, Jim's impersonation of Dwight is too memorable, and dead-on, to leave out of our Office prank countdown. To be even more convincing as a Schrute, be sure to ask a series of nonsensical questions. Dwight's revenge: A messy hairstyle, a few goofy smirks, and some unabashed flirting with Pam in other words, an equally hilarious impersonation of Jim. Someone probably borrowed it. Maybe you misplaced it.

While it's not his most elaborate or inventive hoax, Jim's inaugural prank is a classic, especially when he denies his guilt while innocently slurping on Jell-O. After weeks of conditioning, Jim boots his computer, and Dwight robotically extends his hand. When he doesn't receive a mint, Dwight smacks his lips and wonders aloud why he has such a bad taste in his mouth. Turns out paying attention in psych class pays off, and Dwight is successfully brainwashed.

Stanley loses a perfectly good cup of coffee when Dwight bats the ''poisoned liquid'' out of Stanley's hands. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Dwight. Andy never misses an opportunity to remind everyone of three important facts: He went to Cornell University. And, most important, he was a member of the a cappella group Here Comes Treble. When Andy records his own cell-phone ringtone, a four-part a cappella version of ''Rockin' Robin;;Jim decides enough is enough.

With the help of Pam, Jim hides Andy's phone in the ceiling, and then calls it repeatedly. The prank sends the Cornell alumni off his rocker, and straight into anger management classes. But he's flabbergasted to find his bobble head, name plate, and wallet showcased in the office vending machine.

You decide which moment is more memorable: Pam buying Dwight's pencil cup or Jim handing Dwight a bag of change so he can buy his stuff back, one nickel at a time.

Pencil cup: One dollar. Watching a coworker buy back his own bobble head doll: Priceless. Mad cow disease? Flesh-eating bacteria? A government-created killer nano-robot infection? Or perhaps most deadly of all, Count Choculitis? Dwight's in charge of selecting a new cost-efficient health insurance plan, but runs into some difficulties: How many insurance companies provide coverage for those suffering with hot-dog fingers? Pam and Jim have contracted nearly every infectious disease under the sun, and some not yet discovered, according to the forms they submit to Dwight.

FYI, if your teeth ever turn to liquid and drip down the back of your throat, chances are you're suffering from spontaneous dental hydroplosion.

Double Date

Bonus disease: Pretendinitis. Warning signs: High-pitched noises coming from the receptionist's desk. So he's understandably upset when his perfect attendance record is marred thanks to Jim, who successfully convinces Dwight that it's Friday, when it is, in fact, Thursday. After a well-placed Apprentice reference, Dwight is completely convinced that he has the following day off.The witty repartee between Jim and Dwight on The Office makes up the majority of the dry humor this show thrives on.

As Dwight overreacts to the remainder of a blunt found in the parking lot, he conducts one-on-one interviews with every member of the office. Dwight walks in the office to see his desk covered in wrapping paper.

Little did Dwight know, there was no desk under the paper and as he sits, he falls to the floor. Dwight declares that he does not waste a single second of company time, so Jim gets a stopwatch to show Dwight that anything from yawning to going to the bathroom is wasting time.

This forces Dwight to take extreme measures so he never has to leave his desk. This also forces Jim to get no work done. Jim hooks up the phone to the bathroom having a call waiting for Dwight when he finds the desk. Jim then accuses Dwight of losing his desk. So Jim and Dwight try to trick each other into pranking the other, and also try to get Andy to believe that they have been pranked. Andy calls off the pranking break, but Jim neglects to tell Dwight, thus having Dwight continue to prank himself trying to frame Jim.

Jim makes it look like a packet of beans keeps reappearing when Jim tries to dispose of them, thus making Dwight believe they are magic. Dwight volunteers to talk about the state of Dunder Mifflin on a radio show, but when the guest appearance is cancelled, Jim recruits Nelly and Pam to host a fake radio show and force Dwight into mayhem.

Dwight hits himself in the head with his phone and immediately suspects Jim. Michael thinks Dwight is being paranoid and does not believe him. Jim actually was gradually adding pennies to his phone to make it heavier, then one day took them all out, causing Dwight to hit himself in the head. Jim, knowing that Dwight will follow the wire to wherever it leads, sends Dwight all around the office and outdoors, ultimately connecting the wire to nothing.

Dwight thinks he can outsell a computer, so Jim and Pam Instant Message Dwight, pretending to be the computer trying to destroy him. He does this repeatedly until one time the computer makes the noise and Dwight sticks his hand expecting a mint. Jim and Pam make various clicking noises in front of Dwight until he believes they are using Morse Code to talk about him. They then convince him there is a detonator in the office.

Dwight accuses them of using Morse Code, and Jim assures Dwight that in their very little free time with raising a baby, they did not take the time to learn Morse Code just to talk about Dwight.

Which is exactly what they did. Jim tells Dwight that at 8 am, someone will poison the coffee, which then causes Dwight to tackle Stanley in order to knock the coffee out of his hands. Dwight freaks out and expects Michael to punish Jim, but Michael appreciates the humor in the prank. Dwight makes a comment that he thinks tomorrow is Saturday, so Jim lets everyone in the office know to keep Dwight thinking that it is Friday, not Thursday.

Jim gets his Asian friend to sit at his desk and pretend to be him. Dwight gets extremely angry. Jim comes to the office dressed as Dwight and acting like him. Dwight then tries to retaliate by impersonating Jim, sadly not as well as Jim does Dwight.

Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. A formal "thank you" to Jim's boredom and procrastination. University of Texas. When Jim convinced Dwight that he was the one smoking weed in the parking lot Season 2.

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