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He claims to be a clear-sighted healer and the founder of the System of "Salvation and Harmonious Development" of all beings. Inhe was sentenced to 11 years in prison for promising the mothers of victims of the Beslan school siege that he could resurrect their children, but was released early in Grabovoy claims the ability to abolish death, resurrect the deadcure cancer and AIDSteleportand pinpoint and resolve at distance mechanical and electronic problems on airplanes, space stations, atomic electric power stations and any other technical constructions.

The Way to Salvation. According to multiple sources, Grabovoy promised grieving mothers of the Beslan school hostage crisisthat he could resurrect their dead children. In a March—April interview to Larisa Bochanova Susanna Dudieva, leader of Mothers of Beslanstated that Grabovoy fell victim of a smearing campaign aimed at directing public attention away from poor handling of the Beslan hostage taking by authorities. Milashina alleged that Grabovoy was arrested at the behest of Vladimir Putin.

Grabovoy sued the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda for 1. On 7 JulyTagansky Court in Moscow found Grabovoy guilty of 11 counts of large-scale fraud and sentenced him to 11 years of imprisonment. Relatives saw neither the resurrected dead nor the money.

A group of Russian advocates including Mikhail Trepashkin brought an action to institute criminal proceedings against Vladimir Putin and President Medvedev in front of the United Nations [ clarification needed The UN have no functioning as a court ]the Hague Tribunalthe International Criminal Court for having effected Grigoriy Grabovoy's criminal prosecution.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Actions [ edit ] Grabovoy claims the ability to abolish death, resurrect the deadcure cancer and AIDSteleportand pinpoint and resolve at distance mechanical and electronic problems on airplanes, space stations, atomic electric power stations and any other technical constructions. March—April Archived from the original on Russia portal Biography portal.

Beslan school siege. Timeline International response Russian government censorship. Categories : births Beslan school siege Soviet people Living people New Age spiritual leaders Russian fraudsters Members of the clergy convicted of fraud People convicted of fraud.

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Put in numbers that will help you accomplish your goal. The numbers should also be silvery, white. You may want to do the same sphere once per day until the goal is accomplished. NOTE: Some numbers have spaces. They are important so be sure to leave spaces when indicated. Thank you. Good for you. Keep checking out the posts. There are several that will help you. All best wishes! If you are on facebook, there are plenty of groups dedicated to Grabovoi where you can obtain further information.

grabovoi gregory

You can also connect with Ana Heart for private sessions and also workshops where these conditions and many others, are addressed. I was reading about Grabovoi. Everything is so confused. But the most important. Have anybody tried this method succesfully?. Could you tell me your experience?. Scam or not,if it works. Yes, he is controversial. However, I do recommend studying his books and using the information. I, and many others, have had success with his methods. This is why I have this blog.

Reblogged this on Life, the Universe and Everything and commented: I love these numbers! Great story. I wonder which solutions you were testing and found successful. Could you please give some details and also details on the application i. I create tons of spheres every day. I think there are 2 reasons they seem so successful, first I project a happy time into the future within a sphere plus once I create one, I let go of the issues. Concentration time may last anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on what I feel led to do.

Hi, im new with these grabavoi numbers, i want to try and get healed, how will i do it. Do i have to chant or memorize these number codes. Pls help. Yes, do any or all of those. Write them on you, write them on the glass of water you drink, etc:. Incorporate them into yourself as much as you can and in whatever way feels best.The automatic translation of this site allows you to get only a rough translation and may include mistakes of characters.

In he graduated from the faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics of the Tashkent State University named after Lenin, majoring in mechanics.

After graduating from the University Grigori Grabovoi worked at the Design Bureau of the city of Tashkent that was a subsidiary of Moscow Ministry of Mechanical Engineering, which was engaged in development and testing of space technologies. From January 7, to September 1,Grigori Grabovoi worked as an expert in the Centre of Information and Computing Services of the National Airlines of the Republic of Uzbekistan where he continued to use the extrasensory diagnostics.

The Way of Salvation. InGrigori Grabovoi travelled to India, Chhatarpur Temple where Shri Sant Baba Nagpal Ji, recognized during his life Holy, blessed Grigori Grabovoi saying he would pray for him, and predicted that Grigori Grabovoi would use his high energy and psychic abilities through the event control for the benefit of people not only in his country but also around the world.

The same year a famous healer, forecaster and clairvoyant Yuko N. Labeau expressed conviction that with such abilities Grabovoi was just obliged to assist not only his country but also the entire planet.

On October 27, the great Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga after a minute conversation with Grigori Grabovoi predicted that within 20 years he would achieve everything he had planned, and would realize in practice his system of nuclear and environmental safety on the planet, human life extension, non-dying, and expressed her belief that Grigori Grabovoi, with his phenomenal qualities had to necessarily continue to expand the scope of his abilities in all areas of life.

In the presence of the Deputy of the Flights Leader of this organization, Grigori Grabovoi accurately determined the places of break of thermal insulation in the outer covering of the space station and indicated the scratches and cracks in the complex body. This prevented a possible emergency that could occur due to planned afterburner load on the on-board engines. Grabovoi insisted that such actions were inadmissible until the elimination of the indicated defects. In this case, he gave the real technical picture that was confirmed in practice that was the change of settings of the bottom engine.

We should note that Grigori Grabovoi carried out this diagnostics in a matter of seconds being outdoors and communicating with the Control Center of Space Flights over the mobile phone. The Practice of Control. Volume 1. Page Grigori Grabovoi created a new science.

The science of Grigori Grabovoi is a fundamentally new area of knowledge, affirming the way of development in continued compliance with the laws of creative development of the world. Fundamental laws of creative control of each object of information in direction of salvation and rescue from destruction were discovered and confirmed in practice for the first time. For the first time the dependences, which proved in practice that the change of perception could be transformed into information in all the systems of realty, were defined mathematically.

On June 10,in recognition and certification Grigori Grabovoi was elected an Academician of the International Informatization Academy. On August 10,the Italian Academy of Economic and Social Development awarded Grigori Grabovoi the title of Academician in a sign of the highest expressions of official recognition of his eminent virtues, high moral qualities, constant execution of his civil duty and following the most noble ideals, which gave him full right to take a worthy place in the society.

Tsiolkovsky Certificate No. On October 25,he received the Diploma of Order of Malta. On November 20,Grigori Grabovoi received a certificate of membership in the Professional Psychotherapeutic League.

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Grigory Grabovoy

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grabovoi gregory

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Metodo de Grigory Grabovoi

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grabovoi gregory

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