Kahr cw380 vs p380

A little over ten years ago, I purchased my first Kahr — the original Kahr K9. The K9 was a single stack 9mm, which was a much less common configuration ten years ago than it is today.

Because of this, the 9mm Kahrs could be a mere nine tenths of an inch in thickness. While the Glock 26 released a year before the K9 was only. The mirror-polished, offset feed ramp compared to the feed ramp from the P-3AT. That said, the K9 was, in my opinion, far from the perfect carry gun. Moreover, Kahrs had a reputation at this time for inconsistent reliability, i. At least Kahr has always had outstanding customer service.

However, the Kahr did not really reach its full potential as a carry pistol until the introduction of the polymer-framed Kahr P9, which reduced weight to 15 ounces and maintained the same. Kahr did this inand Kahr enjoyed relative exclusivity in the polymer-framed single stack 9mm market until when the Kel-Tec PF9 and Walther PPS were released.

An avalanche of polymer- or aluminum-framed single custom payload for tls tunnel vpn 9mms from nearly every manufacturer followed, and the single stack 9mm is now one of the most prolific carry designs on the market.

And while Kahr was an innovator and pioneer in the single stack 9mm market, Kahr came late to the pocket. Accordingly, the P-3AT caused a stir when concealed carriers realized that they could tap into a still-lethal caliber in a pocket-sized 8 ounce package. The successful Ruger LCP. My wife and I both have P-3ATs ourselves. The P looks exactly like a scaled-down PM9, and is a mere 11 ounces in weight and. Even if the Kahr may be the superior of these three models, the Ruger and Kel-Tec. That said, for reasons that I will expound on below, the Kahr CW likely represents the best value in the pocket.

The CW has a 2. It weighs The pistol has a black polymer frame with steel inserts molded into the frame for extra structural support. It has a machined, solid matte stainless steel slide and a polymer grip. The Kahr CW features a locking-breach, modified Browning-type recoil lug. The sights are a drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned-in polymer front sight.The Kahr CT is an ideally sized subcompact.

kahr cw380 vs p380

The beveled slide cuts down weight and helps guide the gun into a holster. These polymer framed pistols are perfectly sized, almost always perfect in form and function, and they have always been designed with concealed carry in mind. Yet some of the Kahr pistols are priced above their competitors guns.

But the features that make them more expensive are not easy to see. Kahr has now created the Value Series, which makes owning a Kahr much more realistic for most of us. The latest addition to the Value line is the CT The CT is a polymer framed double-action sub-compact pistol chambered in. It utilizes a stainless steel slide and locking breach action. Its footprint is small and its function above par.

Though the CT is a value series gun, it is still built with above standard materials. What makes this pistol a value series firearm is that Kahr has exchanged a few over-the-top features for a more standard approach. The machined slide stop has been replaced by a metal injected molded part. Simplifying the machining processes saves build time.

The gun ships with one magazine and it arrives in a cardboard box instead of the plastic case. All cost saving measures allow the new pistol to meet and compete in a much lower cost market. Shooting the CT is a pleasurable experience that everyone from novice shooters to experts will enjoy.

The CT has some serious springs, which helps eat the shock of recoil. For a. The extra grip covering that 7th round makes it easier to hold. No magazine extensions needed. One thing that makes Kahr unique is that their double action only trigger actually cocks the gun.

It is a true double action, more like a revolver than most polymer pistols that are always cocked. Iniside is a passive striker block which makes the gun even more safe. And there is no magazine disconnect, so it will fire without a magazine in the gun.

There is no external safety on the CT—just draw the pistol and pull the trigger. No extra steps in the draw. No safeties to worry about disengaging. The back sight has a white stripe that aligns with the white dot on the front blade. Simply line the two up and squeeze. It is possible to rack with the rear sight, but more difficult as it has a slight pyramid shape.Bruce, love your reviews. I have a CM9 and really love it. Think the CT would be a great gun for the wife.

How does it shoot vs the CM9? Keep up the good work! Thanks for the feedback on the reviews. I'll keep your ammo test request in mind as I decide what I'm going to test this year. I know I will be doing a few tests. Just not sure exactly what I will be testing. That might explain their reluctance to approve it. Right now anyone out there can load hot ammo in. I'm just saying. Too many people down play the and.

Shootout: Glock 42 versus Kahr CW 380

I saw one post asking if a would penetrate a windshield In reality, the important thing is to have a handgun available, and the only downside I see in the VS 9mm debate is the cost of I know I would That is the 9mm vs pocket gun argument in a nutshell for me.

Belt carry, different story In my opinion, more realistic reviews of the giving it its due against non plus P 9mm are warranted, just due to the large amount of "nuttin below 9mm is serious" horse hockey that proliferates the internet Once again Bruce, outstanding review, like all the others.

I really appreciate your blog more and more I go back over it. You have something to be proud of here My problem with the 42 and CT is that the circumfierence of their grips is still too small for me although unusually in comparison to other guns, I can reach the magazine release with my thumb on those two. Since the PRS keeps the exact dimensions of the 9mm version, its grip should be thicker.

kahr cw380 vs p380

Hopefuly not as thick as Beretta 84F. Obviously the Sig has disadvantages, such as price, excessive slide thickness, short barrel length. But perhaps is still borderline acceptable for pocket carry. Excellent review. I am SO close to buying the CT Your review was extremely informative and will be a valuable part of my decision making process.

I think you sold me on my next carry firearm. Keep up the great reviews!!! Your review was very informative. I lost small and ring fingers as well as most of the use of my middle finger on my right dominant hand. I am able to control a big, heavy Ruger GP Firing. It looks like a little concealed carry gun is gonna have to be a.The new. The CW pistol has a 2. It weighs just The pistol has a black polymer frame and features steel inserts molded into the front and back of the frame for added rigidity.

It has a machined, solid matte stainless steel slide and a textured polymer grip. The result is a micro-compact pistol with very little recoil and quick follow-up shots.

The pistol features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned-in polymer front sight. Differences between the Kahr CW and Kahr P models include: the CW series has a conventional rifled barrel instead of the match grade polygonal barrel found on P models; the CW slide stop lever is MIM metal-injection-molded instead of machined; the CW series slide has fewer machining operations, and uses simple engraved markings instead of roll marking; the P comes with two magazines, but the CW series comes with one 6 rd steel magazine with flush baseplate.

Lastly, the slide locks back after firing the last round — another feature missing on a number of other value-priced compact semi-auto pistols. The durability and reliability of the CW model makes it a strong consideration as a backup gun for law enforcement. Dealer Locator U.In recent years, the firearms market has been flooded with pocket pistols. Pocket guns are easy to carry and easy to conceal.

Whether used as a primary gun or a backup, pocket sized guns are poplar choices for civilian concealed carry. Many people consider. Kahr Arms is well known for its small and concealable pistols in 9mm. InKahr introduced their smallest gun yet—the P in. The Kahr P is a high quality pocket pistol that offers a new level of performance not yet seen in comparable guns. The Kahr P is a true pocket pistol, weighing about 11 ounces empty, measuring less than five inches long and less than four inches high.

The P is a striker fired, double action only, locked breech pistol with polymer frame and stainless steel slide. The result is a double-action trigger pull that is long and heavy enough to prevent an accidental discharge, while still being very smooth and easy to manage. This pistol is quite easy to handle and manipulate, despite its small size. The external controls are limited to a magazine release and slide release.

The magazine release is a button-style located in the preferred location, just below the trigger guard on the left side of the grip. The slide release lever is also in the traditional location, and locks the slide open on an empty magazine—an uncommon feature on a pocket pistol.

Kahr CT380 Compact 380 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol

Like many guns in this category, the P has a magazine capacity of six rounds. The pistol feeds from high quality stainless steel magazines with witness holes for each round.

The magazines are expensive, but Kahr includes two magazines with each pistol. Kahr also offers a Pearce grip extension for the magazines to add a little extra grip length if desired. Perhaps the best feature of this gun is the sights. The vast majority of pocket guns have minimal fixed sights milled into the top of the slide. The P, however, has true sights fit to the slide. Night sights are available as an option from the factory.

The standard Kahr factory sights provide an excellent sight picture rarely seen on a gun this size. The P excelled at the range. This is the most accurate pocket pistol I have tested. I believe the accuracy of this gun is attributable to several factors: excellent sights, an excellent trigger, and the Lothar Walther match-grade barrel.Their innovative products have captured a good portion of the market share for small, easily carried handguns that are chambered in such popular calibers as.

Not only do their products have appeal in the stratum of civilian concealed-carry, but they have been embraced by law enforcement and have been approved for carry by such prestigious agencies as the NYPD and more recently, the Chicago Police Department. I heard that Kahr was working on a tiny.

True to their word, my wife signed for the box from Kahr the day before I arrived back home and I found it waiting for me on the kitchen table. It is truly one of the smallest. The overall length of this miniscule pistol is only 4. The P KP joins 12 other Kahr pistols in their P-line of polymer frame handguns and this little gun, like all the others it has a one-piece grip frame with integral textured grips and serrations on the front and backstraps for a very secure hold.

The slide is machined from solid stainless steel bar stock that is matte finished to reduce reflections. It has a 2.

kahr cw380 vs p380

Similar to the other Kahr designs it has a DAO trigger and is striker fired with a passive striker block to prevent accidental discharges if the gun is dropped. The slide has nice, big serrations that make retracting it easy and a set of black finished fixed sights with a white dot in front and white bar below the rear notch Tritium night sights are also available.

They are dovetailed into slide and either front or rear can be moved laterally to adjust windage. The trigger is wide with a smooth trigger face and has a pull similar to that on a DA revolver, but it is not a true DA as the slide has to be moved to the rear about 0.

The only external controls are the slide release lever and magazine catch, both of which are located on the left side of the frame. A round combat qualification course was fired using the Kahr P and Winchester Ranger ammo. Author had no trouble keeping shots in 8, 9 and ring. While the. What you have is a trade-off; you can have a smaller, flatter pistol, but in order to do so you have to be content with less powerful ammunition. Now everyone is familiar with the big names like Federal, Remington and Winchester, but there are others out there that put together some outstanding products and one of those I became familiar with a couple of years ago was Extreme Shock.

At present Extreme Shock catalogs cartridges that range from the. The grain bullet in this cartridge again features a Tungsten-NyTrilium composite core that is jacketed with a polymer tip on the bullet nose. This bullet is designed to penetrate glass, wood or heavy skin and dense bone, and then rapidly expand inside the soft tissue of the target. However the bullet will fragment on any hard surface that would cause a lead bullet to ricochet. He believed that this was an excellent round for law enforcement use and said that it would be effective even in a cartridge such as the.

In the meantime I wanted to see how the Kahr would perform with some more conventional. All of the ammunition carried a jacketed hollow point JHP bullet of various configurations from 90 to grains in weight, some of the bullets had a more pointed or rounded nose than others and some a sharp, truncated-cone shape.

All were meant for law enforcement or self-defense use, and some were so-marked on their packaging.

NEW KAHR P380 .380 ACP

My first order of business was to see what kind of velocities I was going to get out of the short Kahr P barrel.When Gaston found rounds of. Thanks to Gaston for the excellent article! I took everything from J-frame. During the most extreme point in the ammo crisis, not being able to find decent plinking.

I had also brought along some Buffalo Bore in both 95 gr. FMJ FN and 90 gr. Speer G. FTX, and lastly, Remington gr. Golden Saber. My range day objective had just been altered. Given the popularity of the. The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of that crappy TulAmmo. This would be a good time to drive home a very important point: Practice with the ammo you intend to carry. This test was eye-opening with respect to ammo sensitivity more on that laterbut the point is, train with the ammo you intend to carry.

You cannot put a price on your safety and the safety of your family. Conditions at the range were sunny and 64 degrees, with a slight breeze out of the northwest.

My training methodology is a little unorthodox from others I know, but it works for me. I start with a standard B27 target, and then I attach a six inch paper dessert plate center mass, and then set the target at the seven yard line. My goal, then, is to simply get all five shots these two weapons hold six, but I run five-shot strings within the dessert plate as quickly as possible.

Combat accuracy.

CW380, Matte Stainless

Prior to this test both guns had never been fired except at the factory. Next came the G The third shot produced a stovepipe, but once cleared, fired the last two rounds with no problem.

And so it went, alternating back and forth until both guns had been through rounds of the steel-cased devils. This is where the epiphany occurred. After running five rounds through each gun 25 times, the G42 only made it through four rounds without a failure of some type stovepipes mostly, but a few double feeds. It truly does not like this ammo! The Kahr, on the other hand, had exactly one failure to extract FTEand that was due to a case fracture. Let me say this about this about the TulAmmo…it shoots dirty, as the guns were filthy at this point.

I contemplated cleaning both pistols at this point, but decided against it. I was eager to run the Buffalo Bore through both pistols, as I had read from another gun tester the G42 did not like it. It must have been specific to his gun more validation on finding what YOUR gun likes and training with it because the Glock blew through it with no hiccup what-so-ever.

In fact, at this point it got downright boring, as both pistols finished their next 75 rounds with the aforementioned ammo with nary a problem. The Kahr, on its very last run of the day, with a mixture of ammo in the mag, failed to go completely into battery. Accuracy with both pistols was effective for their intended use, and I applaud Glock for putting excellent sights on the G Only issue was it shot a little high and to the left, but I never failed to get all five shots on the plate.

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