Krait mk2 ax build

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Hooplah Start date Jun 11, TS is for Thargoid scouts. It is very different versus big Thargoid ships. I found 3 large and 1 medium turreted AX multi-cannons plus a medium gimballed overcharged auto-loader multi-cannon takes out up to 4 scouts with ease. With 6 scouts effects such as caustic missiles and a few others show up and I have to suffer them. Pointe Defense won't take out their missiles.

With careful flying I found that decontamination limpets can work even when in battle. I lose a 3D Guardian module reinforcement package and a 2D hull reinforcement package for the decon controller and 8 limpets. The reinforcements didn't add that much versus excellent decon with the limpets.

Besides I have to return to a station to rearm long before my hull is in any serious trouble. Worse case was the hull down to 65 percent against 6 scouts plus a few more threat 4s and I could have kept fighting if I hadn't run out of AX ammo.

Guardian fighters help a lot especially when being new to scout battles but then I lose a lot of combat experience points so I swap them out with a fuel scoop. A shutdown field neutralizer is not needed just for scouts so added a frame shift wake scanner for scanning the occasional Thargoid wakes. I also pickup Thargoid materials after a fight just because they are there.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. Hi, I currently fly an Asp X and have been saving for a Python. I mainly trade, explore and occationally mine, either on planet or with a mining laser.

It used to be that the Python was the best all round, but just looking at the specs the other two look close. Granted the Python has that extra size 6 internal compared to the Krate and has 2 size 5s compared to the size 4s of the Challenger, but the Challenger is quite a bit cheaper and the Krate looks sooo close to a Python minus that size 6 internal.

I'm starting to wonder if the Python is still top ermm So can folk who have flown the Pyton and one or both of the others give me a quick lowdown on how they compare? Specs mean nothing if the ship flies like a brick.

Many thanks. Showing 1 - 15 of 31 comments. Python is squishy, Krait can use a SLF. Python is the better Multirole ship. Krait has more agility, it makes a better bounty hunter and piracy ship. Witcher View Profile View Posts. Haven't flown Challenger or its little bro Chieftain, but imho Python is still king of multipurpose ship for earning CRs and grinding ranks. Krait mk2 main advantage is speed and SLF otherwise the Python still holds the edge in all other departments. I own all 3 fully maxed out A graded everything and i can honestly say Python is still the best for multi role and the Krait mk2 is better for fighting mainly because of the SLF option As for the Challenger it seems to sit alongside the two not better in either role but not bad in either role as well.

Last edited by kymsheba ; 2 Jul, pm. For what you like to do Python would be the ship you want. No question The Python is the least agile of the three but it make up for that in versatility and all around toughness. The Python along with a couple others is an absolute must have ship.What's new New posts Latest activity.

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krait mk2 ax build

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Yeah I know, its not out until tomorrow, but the excitement is real Buying the Krait MK2 will be the first thing I do when the update hits, so I consider myself an owner Mine will be an all rounder, and will give my Python well earned rest. I love it. The cockpit is amazing - all the little details give it a really cool 'lived in' look.

I'm going to assume the Krait has grav in the cockpit, given that it has a drinks machine and coffee cup on the starboard aux station. It flies really well and sounds like a muscle car. Grade 5 Dirty Drives really gives it some speed too. Last edited: Jun 29, I'll use mine to kill thargoids, and maybe another things depending on how good it is.

I wasn't this excited about a new ship so far. Which makes it interesting that at the moment I'm struggling to find a niche for it. I never owned a Python even though I like the design - for me the jack of all trades meant I always had a better ship for a specific role. In any case, unless it becomes too popular for its own good, I will seriously consider to use it instead of the Corvette on DW2. Ill be moving my Python and my extra engineered modules to Founders tonight. When I get home tomorrow it will be all ready to fly Bob McBobblehead.

Definitely be buying a Krait and a paint job if there are any good ones.I just wanted to get some feed back from other professional across the globe on how they currently handle extra blank spaces whether in protocols or other pharama documentation. Scatter Plots. A Scatter XY Plot has points that show the relationship between two sets of data.

AXI Alliance Chieftain Build

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Anti Xeno Combat Initiative and Ship Outfit Suggestions for All

What weapons or weapon combinations including engineering and special effects do you like for the Krait MK II? Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. I just switched to the beams some time ago because the turrets were not working on my Krait for some reason. The 2 Beams are a nice balance between DPS and distributor depletion when dealing with enemy shields. The medium Corrosive MC has a single function: apply the corrosive effect to the target, which makes the Beam lasers a lot more effective against hull than they would otherwise be.

Shot along the beams in 5 second intervals that's the duration of corrosive. Medium Size since Large sizes have too long of a spin up delay to make proper use of the corrosive effect. While those 3 weapons alone can deal with pretty much anything without ever moving 1 pip away from shieldsthere are the 2 large Shock Cannons for short bursts of insane DPS for those occasions when i want something dead NOW. There's little ammo and it completel depletes de distributor, so they're not for constant use.

I don't mention the experimental of the beams because they're heavily user-dependant. I use Regenerative Sequence in both because i often fly in a wing. Thanks for all the information.

krait mk2 ax build

Will have to try these build out. Krait is one of the few ships that can get away with it because it's got good thermal characteristics and a generous fuel tank. Still, don't cook yourself. Packhounds on the other two medium hardpoints. Just because it's funny. Last edited by Hobo Misanthropus ; 11 Sep, am. Cypher View Profile View Posts. You can work out the rest of the engineering I am sure. Miorin Armed Miner, I like it! Blackout View Profile View Posts. For rez npc killing, I used to use 3 fixed beam laser, 2 fixed class 2 multicannons.

Tripple Multi-Cannons in a 2md, 1lg stagger, and 2lg beams lasers, all on gimbals because my aim can suck at times. As far as engineering goes the beams have G1 Efficient mods, the large multi-cannon is just G1 Overcharged but the twin medium multi-cannons are what have the work they are G3 Overcharged with Incendiary rounds.

This is setup on a multi purpose ship used for PVE, great for rez and beacon hunting and dispatching most NPC pirates. This murders thargoid scouts. It made getting Elite too easy :. Bruce Lee Inc. View Profile View Posts. Krait Mk Frag. Nothing jousts better. Per page: 15 30 First published on the 7th of April,updated on February 22 Welcome to the Combat Guide! Vanquish your enemies, steal their goods and protect your allies. First of all, note that the following tips are from my experience, my opinion and the feedback I have been given to improve this article.

However, this is a solid foundation to understand combat; To lear and enhance your experience. As a fighter, your roles can be multiple and your intentions different. An assassin looking for a dangerous fugitive? A guard, protecting traders? A pirate stealing from the weakest? A veteran fighter for your Powerplay Power? Know that everything is possible. Any ship can fight and fulfill all the fighters roles… but some are more advantaged than others.

The D rated modules are very light and unfortunately very fragile, while the A rated ones are sturdy, powerful and very expensive. Offensive and defensive modules are available in game.

We will discuss their uses in detail in order for you to best equip your ship according to your gameplay. Each armour has a Hardness value and each weapon has a Piercing value, all damage is multiplied by: Min 1. This is a random chance that scales with current hull health. If the penetration roll fails then we deal all damage to the hull and skip to step 8. If you missed, then the internal spheres will be used in the next steps.

In the current live build 1. This ray is compared against all the internal yellow spheres and any that intersect are candidates — one of which will be picked at random weighted by how dead-on the hit to its sphere was. If nothing was hit, skip to 8. This encompasses options like heating up the ship or forcing additional malfunctions. These are your hardpoints, allowing you to deal damage to your enemies. There are three categories:.

Like I explained earlier, there are different gameplay types. Thanks Mrs and Mr Engineers!This video represents the first medium-ship Hydra kill with regular ammo. The Krait Phantom as well as the Mk2 and Python has a special place among medium ships in that it can fire 3 medium Gauss Cannons and remain stealthed when running cold.

This is thanks to its large Class 7 power distributor. The large PD allowed him to stay stealthy while firing 3 Gauss Cannons and to boost away on demand in order to avoid the Swarm. Going Flakless may appear a bit of a punishing thing to do, but it can be quite liberating because the enrage timer is no longer an issue—the Interceptor can enrage all it wants. It took a while to bring the Hydra down due to regular ammo and the limited DPS of 3 Gauss Cannons, but in the interest of transparency no parts were cut out of the fight.

CMDR Maligno started with 69 reloads of basic ammo and finished with During the fight, the only time he encountered significant trouble was with the second heart. It took him over 30 minutes to finally catch a break, a mixture of nerves and silly flying prevented him from finishing it off quickly.

The rest of the fight was much smoother. Related Posts. We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience. Continue to use the site as normal if you are happy with this. Ok Read more.