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I found OME because I was passionate about changing medical education for the better. OME does the greatest job at teaching core knowledge to students. I have gone to multiple other study resources, but OME does it better than anyone else. Williams and Jamie inspired me to write my master's thesis on changing medical education and flipping the classroom. My PA program is now implementing change to diversify how content is delivered.

You guys are awesome and inspire me to be a phenomenal medical educator one day soon! I love OnlineMedEd. I used the videos everyday in school and still for review. I have the intern guide and carry it in my lab coat while rounding.

I bought the premium as well as the boot camp and used the qbank to prepare for my certification test and it made the test seem easy. Thank you for your help I will continue to refer to your videos and consider Dr Williams among my most influential mentors.

JoshuaChatham University Class of The main thing I love about OnlineMedEd is how it organizes its information in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

I often watch these videos before lecture and then after lecture. Love how the concise need to know information is presented in an easy to understand way.

I continue to recommend OnlineMedEd to my students who rotate through my practice. It has been a lifesaver during PA school because Dr. Dustyn Williams really does a magnificent job breaking down presenting symptoms, what to do, and how to not only arrive at a diagnosis, but how to go about treatment.

His lectures really help the material stick and solidify my understanding. I recommend any med student, PA student, or NP student to watch his lectures!

Basically, you are in sync with all our learning objectives in our adult medicine classes. It's been a great resource for all of us. I intend to keep OnlineMedEd in my life long after school, referencing it when I have questions, and prepping for recertification exams.

Love the videos. When I did use the other tools I was very impressed!


The videos are so helpful and I love the way he explains everything!Let's do it! Viewing or downloading Notes, Audio Files, or Whiteboard Graphics will affect your monthly file access quota.

Flashback Powered by OnlineMedEd. Register Now. Get Flashback. You got OME Next level content. Time-based learning Get decks pushed to you when research shows you need to review them for maximum benefit. See what's due and stay current. Practice good habits. Opt into more decks for more options. Step 3? Swipe, tap, repeat Getting through decks couldn't be easier. Automatically generated decks Review the tough ones or the cards you marked to come back to.

How you want them, when you want them Access by lesson, topic, or clerkship More decks under development On a flight? No sweat, it'll still work promise. Track your stats How you're doing The progress you're making What you've done today.

Test your confidence, save cards Decide how well you know each card and watch the app work for you. Create your own custom decks Is there a certain topic you need to commit to impress that attending, or have a nearing exam?

Creating custom decks is easy. Login Register Continue with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Password Forgot Password?Use different colored and sized pens, stamps, highlighter, shapes, lines, and text tools over existing content or Flipchart backgrounds. Crisp whiteboard images of important content can also be downloaded as snapshots or multi-page presentations.

Lecture videos range in length and subject matter but are amazing study resources for both step 2 and for the wards. Sheet Music. It is also good to take some snapshots export of the Whiteboard to png-files now and then. Unlock Premium for just. There is still work to be done with permission management as well: Others can only leave the Whiteboard — and thus be removed from the roster.

Our antivirus analysis shows that this Mac download is safe. I'm asking because my school doesn't have shelf exams, and rotations are all over the place. Online MedEd uses a reverse classroom style of teaching with whiteboard based lectures. It was far better than any other book or review course available.

The AwwApp whiteboard has a basic and easy to use free version with the option to upgrade to a more robust paid plan or even OnlineMedEd gives you the right tools, methods, and mindset to dominate intern year. Although the image acquisition procedure Take snapshots of the screen and save them to the gallery then print or email the snapshots to students, parents or colleagues. It also […] image of a whiteboard or a paper document with a low-res camera by stitching multiple images together.

Hey everyone. FOR Wondering if anyone knows of a link or a file where all the whiteboard snapshots are compiled into one download. It automatically corrects the distortion of whiteboard and captures every detail on whiteboard. This purpose-built project was designed to provide housing for children experiencing extreme behavioural and mental health issues. Our Intern Bootcamp was built to help you hit the ground running on day one.

November 13, I began to develop a deck based on OME and created what I think is a very powerful note structure to easily Sheet Music. OnlineMedEd Whiteboard Snapshot You can then display, customize, draw or annotate on the live image coming from the document camera. Save as an image —Save the whiteboard as an image and you can copy files from one space to another.

I really enjoyed our neurology block and am attracted by the great job market for neurology, but I see myself in a procedure-heavy specialty. Designed to help you learn the foundation for your career and ace the boards and wards.Let's do it! Viewing or downloading Notes, Audio Files, or Whiteboard Graphics will affect your monthly file access quota.

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Recent Content Updates Update Date Whiteboard screenshots available for all lessons click the briefcase! May 24, Closed captioning added for all lessons May 21, Hypertension and stroke lessons updated to reflect new recommendations May 07, Announcing: Basic sciences content.

Rollout beginning June May 02, OnlineMedEd coaching is live if you want or need extra help - whether it be medical knowledge, applications, or interviewing April 30, Flashback for Android is now available! If you got 5 minutes, you got OnlineMedEd. Check out stories from students, residents, and practitioners to inspire and learn from October 09, New videos added to bootcamp, including PACE for residency August 27, The Intern Bootcamp is live - life lessons for your intern year.

August 07, Missed a noteset - addiction substance abuse disorder wasn't properly updated if you downloaded the group download. It's right now. Content now fully DSM-V. Additional features and functionality coming soon. September 07, Study schedules have been updated to included latest content and a family medicine schedule. August 04, All audio files updated by an audio engineer; improved sound and quality going forward in videos as well.

Audio also available as group downloads. Peds Qbank Refreshed. June 08, General Surgery and Trauma surgery videos, notes, audio updated. New topic introduced: Trauma Surgery - Toxic Ingestion. May 26, Dermatology videos, notes, audio, questions updated.

Two new topics introduced: eczematous rashes and superficial skin infections. Medicine fully refreshed; surgery coming next. May 10, Neurology notes fully updated to complete neuro refresh, pulmonology notes updated to complete pulm refresh.

May 01, Stats and bulk download option now available on specialty pages. New topic - vasculitis - introduced. March 26, All endocrine videos, notes, and audio updated. Diabetes split into 3 lectures outpatient, insulin mgmt, diabetic emergencies. March 02, All Heme Onc videos, notes, and audio updated. February 23, The second half of Gastroenterology diverticula - viral hepatitis videos, notes, and audio updated.

February 15, The first half of Gastroenterology gallbladder disease - malabsorption videos, notes, and audio updated. February 08, Content navigation improved; return of breadcrumb and added drop-down rollover for view of other topics in a specialty when on a topic page.

February 01, All Pulmonology videos, notes, and audio updated. January 31, All Nephrology videos minus acid-basenotes, and audio updated.Clinical Clerkship Survival Guide. Welcome to Third Year! The third year of medical school is an exciting time in your professional journey. All the knowledge you have accumulated during your pre-clinical years can finally translate to patient care. The first couple of days of any new clerkship or at any new site will inevitably be new and confusing, and by the time you get comfortable, it will already be time to switch to the next one.

The purpose of your third year is to begin to learn the clinical skills of a physician and expose you to many different fields. At times, it may seem overwhelming, intimidating and frustrating, but you will undoubtedly improve as the year progresses. You will quickly come to realize everything you have learned and studied so far does not even compare to what you have yet to learn. No one expects you to know everything, but they do expect you to be interested and try to learn every day.

Always remember that you are an integral part of the team and may be the only team member who is aware of a key piece of information your patient shared with you!

Participate, be engaged, but maintain respect for your patients, classmates, and superiors. Read, read, and read some more: what you learn will not just earn you points on an exam, but also can truly help your patients! During your pre-clerkship years, the effort that you put into your studies directly affected you — a better grade, a higher board score, a shot at a cool summer opportunity.

The difference now is that your effort directly influences the care your patient receives and the clinical outcome they experience. Be cognizant that your patients are not simply stepping stones on your journey to becoming an amazing physician. Rather, you are a part of their medical journey. You are often the person they spend the most time with while in the office or hospital, and your demeanor can make or break their experience.

Patients may be scared, in pain, or unheard — your job is to listen to them and convey important information to the team!

Enthusiasm, dedication, and flexibility are the keys to performing well and learning in the clerkships. The quicker you are able to adjust to these different situations, maintain enthusiasm, curiosity and integrity, the more successful you will be and have a much better experience.

There will be times that third year will be very challenging, mentally, physically and even emotionally. During these stressful times, lean on your friends, family, upperclassmen, and faculty for support.

We all want to see you succeed and are happy to be there for you. Although clerkships may seem overwhelming or intimidating, generations of physicians have all survived and improved through this process — you will too!

We hope this guide serves as a source of information to quell fears and confusion about some of the unknown. Whatever residency you choose to pursue, each of these core clerkships will contribute to a strong foundation as a future physician.

You may not want to be a surgeon, but you will undoubtedly have. Embrace these experiences and make the best out of every rotation. Good luck! The Class of This guide was written by students.

Onlinemeded whiteboard snapshots

The course syllabus is the official resource for all course requirements. Every effort has been made to make this guide as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible — but the USF Morsani College of Medicine is ever-evolving and adapts the curriculum to provide the best experience possible.

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