Pubg lite ping fix

Muhammad Kumar - Aug 07, Mobile Games. In this article, we would list out all the methods for PUBG ping fix PC - after applying these simple steps, your ping issue is likely to be solved. Ping is the time for a request from your side to reach the server of the game and send back a response.

Ping is also referred to as latency - it is usually shown in the left corner of the screen in PUBG. If you are trying to go pro in PUBG, getting a good connection is on a pretty high priority. The lower the ping, the better your gaming experience. You would be able to see and react to your opponents the moment they appear - this might not happen if your ping is high. Overall, the ping you should strive forward to get is lower than Anything higher is nearly unplayable.

The "ms" is an abbreviation for milliseconds. Because ping is the time required to get a response from the server, the measuring unit for that should be time-related. If you have a low ping, you would be able to see enemy faster, your shots would be registered early to the server sometimes you and your enemy shoot at each other at about the same time, but only you lose HP. The speed of your gameplay would be improved as well. Firstly, you would need to check the speed of your connection to the internet.

The best online internet speed check tools are Speedtest. You can even ping the server yourself if you managed to find its IP address on the internet. If your ping is lower than the ping you get in-game, the problems might be your hardware and you can continue checking out the later steps. However, if your ping is just as high, the problem might be the wifi router or network itself.

There are 2 types of routers available currently in the market: the 5 GHz and the 2. From the name, you can probably guess that the 5 GHz is much faster than its predecessor. Getting a new router might fix your issue.

These two processes might take more data than intended when you are connected to WiFi. To fix this problem, turn off any kind of auto-updates and sync. On PC, you can open up the task manager and kill all redundant processes. In Phone, it is about the same - you can open applications and disable the running apps. While data are just electrical signals, it is still under normal rules of logic. The time required to travel km is obviously shorter than the time required to travel km - if you connect to servers far from your location, your ping would definitely get much higher.

Overall, having a fast internet connection is vital in getting a better ping, and if you have tried all the above methods and still get a high ping, it is probably time to either switch internet providers or pay for a bigger internet package.

Yes, it costs money, but you just can't get everything in life for free. Mobile Games - Oct 09, Mobile Games - Oct 11, There are two sections in the post. Although it is a pretty awesome game, there are some issues that reduce gaming experience in it like lag, ping, connection problems, etc. Mostly the Lag occurs in the game due to rendering during the gameplay.

pubg lite ping fix

Like if you land on an intense area like Bootcamp or Pochinki, there will be more render lag as most of the enemies land for loots and kill. You can easily fix it. You can easily boost up your game and can mostly fix lag in the game. One of the best tool available on google play store which can help you to unlock 60 Fps.

It also offers optimal settings depending on your device model. But do not change them because they are only useful in High-end devices. Install both the software on your PC. Make sure that you had enabled USB debugging from the Developer option. Lower the resolution, better will be the performance. But your game quality will become a little blurry. The android developer had itself provided us with an option to run our game smoothly Now, I will tell you that option.

Android developers had hidden this developer option as if you make a mistake in that option, your device will face many problems. Most of the gaming phones come with the facility to Overclock the processor and the GPU which plays an integral role in optimizing your high-end games.

Overclocking simply means to boost up the Clock frequency of your Processor and GPU to run faster than previous clock speed. Once you found it, enable the Overclock Mode by tapping on it. Therefore, if you do not find it, then your phone might not support Overclocking. If you try to Overclock your mobile phone externally with the help of certain software, then there is a huge chance that your phone might get corrupt or stop functioning at all.

You must disable the Auto-adjust Graphics option for better practice. It automatically lowers your Graphics settings if your FPS fluctuates too much in the game.

Remove unnecessary applications which would free up your RAM usage and would free up space on your internal memory. So, you must uninstall unnecessary apps from your device which would free up most of the RAM space. Game Booster dramatically improves your game experience by closing all the applications running in the background.Muhammad Kumar - Aug 27, Mobile Games.

If you are playing PUBG Mobile Lite on your device and still have a frame rate problem - it might be your internet connection's fault instead of your phone. The definition of ping is pretty simple - it is the time for a packet of data from your side to reach the server and get a response back.

This is super important in online games, and for shooters like PUBG Mobile Lite, it even plays a bigger role in the game's performance. You can check the ping on the left corner of the PUBG screen. If you want to have a good experience gaming in PUBG Mobile Lite, getting a decent internet connection is the first thing you must do. The lower the ping, the better you would be at the game, as you would be able to see and react to your opponents a split second faster.

The "ms" after the number stands for milliseconds - the amount of time it takes for your data to contact the server - and it is also the lag time you are encountering in the game. Overall, there is no disadvantage of having low ping. You would be able to see and reach faster than your enemy - and your bullet might get registered to the server first.

This is actually a big advantage in 1vs1 shootouts - as if your enemy is dead before you, their already shot bullets would deal no damage. If you have higher ping than your enemies - well, you would experience your shots not connecting.

How to Reduce PING in PUBG mobile/PC?

If you are playing on mobile data, these below factors might be affecting your internet connection, due to their activities consuming the bandwidth.

However, before following these, you must check your internet speed first. Currently, the best speed checking tools are speedtest. If the ping is similar to what you got in-game, the problem might be your internet connection. Otherwise, it would be your device's fault. It would find the most efficient route to the server for the lowest ping. Other apps might be consuming your bandwidth and prevent the game from connecting - turn off everything prior to playing PUBG Mobile. The 5 GHz router is much faster than the 2.

Getting a new router might fix your problem. The closer the server is, the better - try to connect to the closest server to your location. Play at late hour while no one is using your connection might help as well. Overall, having a good internet package is still the most important aspect of getting a good ping. If you have tested all the methods above and your ping is still high, maybe it is time to upgrade the tier for your internet package or switch to another internet provider.The game was developed with the intention to run it on low-end computers as PUBG PC was a graphics-intensive game which required a high-end computer.

The game takes about 4 GB of space. This game can definitely run on a potato PC. If your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements then you can use some methods to make it playable on your low-end PC. The first thing you have to do is change the display mode to Full Screen.

If you lower the screen scale then the game will be smoother but it will also make it look blurry for big displays. If you have a very old PC then I recommend you to set the screen scale to 70 or Whenever you open a program, a temporary file is created to hold some information temporarily.

Once you close the program the tempory file still remains, it is not deleted automatically. After using the computer for several months, a large chunk of temporary files gets stored and make your PC slow. To delete these temporary files, follow the below steps. In this method, we will set the maximum performance mode on our PC.

If you are using a laptop then play the game while charging so that you could achieve the maximum performance.

So, make sure to close all unnecessary programs which are running in the background. Also, make sure to reduce the number of Start-up programs. To be honest no software can help you to improve your PC performance. So its time to upgrade your PC.

pubg lite ping fix

If you have a little budget then upgrade to an SSD first. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account.PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games and frankly, we have no qualms in accepting that fact. So to resolve this issue, we have come up with this article where we have listed out 8 ways to fix ping in PUBG mobile. We have kept the guide pretty simple and straightforward so no worries there. Also, if you have a low-end device, you should read our article on improving PUBG performance in low-end devicesbefore proceeding with this article.

However, if you are using a device from another OEM, the Settings may vary slightly. In that case, look around the Settings page and search for similar strings and you will likely find the dedicated Settings menu. Use Native Game Booster Of late, smartphones are coming with inbuilt game boosters which are designed to reduce background activities so that you can have smooth gameplay.

The boosters can optimize the performance of the device, bring down latency and prioritize the bandwidth for the current game. These native boosters can also stop background apps from accessing network, memory, and crucial resources while playing games. If you are using a Xiaomi device, you can enable Game Turbo settings on your smartphone under the Mi Security app. Similarly, devices from other OEMs have different strokes of settings so go through your Settings page and you would find something like gaming mode.

If you are playing PUBG on WiFi with a good internet connection and still ping is abnormally high then you may have to manually configure the WiFi settings. Open the Settings page and go to WiFi. It will re-route all network resources to the current application which will eventually lead to lower ping. You can do so on any Android device by opening Settings and going to Apps. GFX Tool is quite a popular app among smartphone gamers and you can use it to lower the ping while playing games.

Change the following settings for low-latency PUBG gaming: graphics to p, rendering quality to medium or low, disable shadows and light effects and lastly, enable GPU optimization. This should bring down ping in PUBG. The app can improve the server-client connection with a one-tap button. Install Mobile Gaming Ping Free 5.

Besides that, you can also use a VPN which will connect you to a different server. You should have a lower ping this time. Manage Space If your smartphone storage is full and there are some space constraints, you should clean up your device for enabling smooth gameplay.

So, go to Settings and open Apps and then clean the cache memory of suspicious apps. However, do note that it will reset all your gaming configurations and custom controls. Nevertheless, it should significantly reduce ping while playing PUBG. Nowadays, our homes are filled with tons of smart devices which operate in the same 2.

It makes the 2.After using these simple steps I am sure that your Ping issue will be solved. Basically, the Ping time means the time required for a request to reach the server and return as a response. Usually Ping is shown in the left corner of the screen. Supposeyou clicked the button of fire, This request of fire is then transmitted to the server for registering the fire.

When the server registers the fire, it sends the response to the client which is your mobile. You will get a latency of 30 ms to a server about miles away from you in New York, then the latency of ms to a server located in Sydney, Australia, roughly 10, miles away. The distance to the server obviously makes a huge difference. Know How? The optimal ping or latency to play any online game is better when it is low as can be.

Lower the Latency — Higher the Gaming experience is. There are so many factors which affects the latency or ping directly or indirectly. They are shown as following:. This function usually takes your data or block it from using. Let me tell you all that this is the tested methods and tips.

How to fix high ping problem in pubg mobile lite 0.19.0 - Lowest ping setting for pubg mobile lite

First of all Check your Internet Speed online. You can use tools like SpeedTest. If your Ping is showing lower in this test then you can use the following methods. If your ping is higher then it may be issue with your wifi router or network itself. For that you can use the suggestions given below. There are two types of routers available which is 5 GHz and 2.

As from name you can understand the 5 GHz is much faster than 2. Using 5 GHz WiFi router can help you to fix the issues. For Fixing this turn off the Auto Updates and Sync from setting. Background activities of apps not only take your data resources but also takes RAM and memory resources. So, it is better to turn off the background activities of un-necessary apps.

To do that use the following method:.

pubg lite ping fix

The time required to travel km is obviously less than the time required to travel km. Example: You are living in Europe, and Playing in Asia server which is located in SingaporeYou will experience latency of ms.

In the second case, if you are playing in the Europe server you will get a latency of 40ms. It all depends on speed, distance, and, packet loss. Connecting to the nearest server will reduce ping in PUBG mobile. In some cases, If you allow your mobile to select network mode automatically.

Your network will continue to jump from one frequency to another. So, I recommend you to use the setting as given below. I will say that, low ping is the important factor in order for a good game play.

22 Best Ways To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile (With Ping Solutions)

So, for this the above steps may help you for reducing the ping in pubg mobile. I have tried it personally and it works amazingly. Your email address will not be published. What is Ping?If you are experiencing high ping issues while playing on WiFi, I am going to tell you a solution that will definitely work. Somedays also I also faced the same problem. But then trying various methods I have found the reason and solution for high ping issue while connected on WIFI.

In some conditions even if your WiFi has more speed it will not reach your mobile device. If you are using low-end device or mid-range smartphone you will encounter this high ping issue while using WiFi.

This is the main reason behind the high ping issue. You can also try methods to lower your ping. Turn off your Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth uses 2. It will also make your game smoother and ping lower. Background Apps that use excessive WiFi data not good for your ping and gameplay also. You have to restrict this apps from using the WiFi background data.

If there is an obstacle between you and router then there will be a high ping issue. Try to minimize the obstacles and blockage between you and your router. There are two types of WiFi bands 2.

While 2.

pubg lite ping fix

Some devices like your Dish Settop box or Bluetooth speakers can cause this interference. If your router is placed near this device which emits electromagnetic radiations, then it can affect your ping. So that you will notice sudden high ping or server issues. Check this Comment Thread you will Find Proofs. Nowadays manufacturers make this device using the FHSS method, This reduces the interference and make you use both networks at same time.

This is because WiFi and Bluetooth use the same frequency spectrum. Use new devices that will not make interference with networks. If you are using a mid-range or lower-end smartphone you will face this interference problem.

So if you are facing this problem just turn off the Bluetooth and use Wired headphones it will reduce the latency of WiFi. Your email address will not be published.