Water pig horoscope 2020

Paul Blumer 2 Comments. Org presents the Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Rat. This lunar year starts from January 25th, and ends on February 11th, Will you be wealthy?

Or have a baby or get that new job.

water pig horoscope 2020

Find out everything that is planned for you in the coming Chinese year. Also, find out more about the Feng Shui forecasts and Chinese horoscope for the 12 signs.

Pig Horoscope 2020

In this year of the White Metal Rat, the rats will have a wonderful time. Everything will work out in your favor. But do not get too lazy and start taking life for granted. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

The Chinese horoscope predictions advise the oxen to clean up their act in You may have to work a little harder than normal. But the rewards will be worth the effort. Exercise your physical and mental self for a healthy Cleaning up the mess right now will pave the way for a bright future. The oxen might not be very successful in implementing new projects in But work on the current ones to become prosperous.

The Chinese zodiac forecasts for Tiger animal sign predict that you will have everything under control this year. Be it your relationships or job or health. You will make sure to work hard this year.

Make friends who inspire you and let go of people with negative energy. Fulfill your goals this year and do not settle for the second best in life. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The Rabbit in will be working on previous goals.

This is a year of awareness for those born in the year of the rabbit. Learn new skills that can help you progress in life.

Do not lead a wasteful life. Keep your stress under control. Relationships will need some excitement to survive. Make the right choices now and have a wonderful Chinese Zodiac Sign Name: Date of Birth: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 January February March April May June July August September October November December Surprisingly, will be a peaceful and calm year for those born in the Year of the Dragon.

You might feel a little demotivated at times. But be sure to exercise and keep a routine. New friends in your life will keep you busy. Also, you will get along pretty well with your colleagues at the workplace.After the Pig yearwhen they had to undergo more than enough delays and bumps in their activity, allows the Pig to make full use of their creativity.

Things evolve rapidly and new situation appears which allow them to shine. They manage now to easily find solutions to older problems, they are open to various sources of inspiration and they are feeling as if they are living at full capacity again. In terms of careerthe natives have the strength to solve the issues that occur and even to overcome to the current situation. Promotions, changing the current job or advancement in rank may occur.

Professionally, this is a good period; projects that they have started a while ago are being remarked and rewarding now. They are in great shape and they let the others know about that. For the Pig natives, is alert and brings many changes. The Pig is now stimulated to try to make changes.

PIG~ UNION & INDEPENDENCE (2020 Year Forecast)

The results they obtain now help them show their worth and present themselves to others in a favorable light, close to the talent and the passion they invest in their actions.

They can expect important changes on the financial level. These are less related to the work they are doing now, but rather they are the result of some activities or projects accomplished until now.

To avoid future distress, they would better be very careful and cautious regarding all the aspects of important transactions. They are preoccupied with themselves, but they may not share this with the people that could be affected by these changes family, partners and so onso they might not benefit from their support or from some relevant advice and suggestions.

water pig horoscope 2020

The Pig could get at a turning point in their lives next to this person. Inthe Pig natives are not doing great in terms of health because some mental issues might occur, in general.

This way, you will ensure your luck for the entire time. Even those that are retired can be attracted to new projects and actions, generally through the means of other people. They can fully prove their experience and skills. This is why they could get out of their expectative state and take initiative. The year is very favorable to the Pig on a financial level. Their salaries are supplemented through various bonuses, extras, etc.

An active social life helps them stay close to winning opportunities. The delays and obstacles they faced until now do not happen so often any longer.

After spending a while worrying about their capacity to solve situations, they finally have their energy and confidence back. Their expectations regarding their job or position have all the chances of fulfilling now.Choose a Chinese Zodiac lucky charm bracelet for pig to help you improve luck and exorcise evil spirits in daily life.

water pig horoscope 2020

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Weekly Monthly Lucky Number: 2, 5. People of Pig sign will be like lucky dogs in Blessed by the auspicious star, you will be quite lucky in both career and wealth, as if supported by God. Do seize the opportunity because such a chance cannot be missed. Success often lies in a specific point, so make sure you will take the chance. Blessed by the auspicious star Jiang Xing, you will be quite lucky in both career and wealth, as if supported by God. However, love relationship will not be so lucky but ordinary and it depends on good luck for you to meet the right one!

Health will be what you need to care about most because this is the least blessed aspect. Do not neglect health for the sake of work but lay equal stress on both to achieve success.

In short, the overall trend of Pigs will be very good in Try more different jobs, you will find the suitable one unexpectedly. In terms of face reading, you Pig people are the pronoun of Straight A student and elite as you are very smart and most suitable for starting up business. Only if you make good use of your energy and talent can you live up to the pretty good luck for career in this year.

To improve your luck in career inbetter wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Pig sign. But you should control your desire to spend money. Otherwise, you will fail to balance out income and costs and save no money.

In addition to investment, you will also have a chance to get windfall from buying lottery tickets, picking up money or being thanked for doing boldly what is righteous.

1983 Chinese Zodiac – Water Pig

In a word, do more good deeds and accumulate luck to be more blessed in wealth and to get help from others. For female, better wear a yellow citrine bracelet with Pig sign in to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. Assisted by the auspicious star Tian Xi, you single Pigs will be more likely to start a relationship and get more popular with the opposite sex.Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Personality of the Pig. Love Compatibility. Best Jobs and Working Partners for Pig. Answers App. Pig - Luck Prediction by Month Pig Luck Prediction by Month See general introduction to Pig Fortune in And also my future.

Good luck! I was born Sept Boar suppose to see better career prospect but I have issues at work with my new boss although I do my best. You should stay positive. Sometimes, you should have more communications with your boss in order to decrease misunderstanding. Will July 28, will be a good day for pig born in August to start a business? I'm born on 9 August and I'm wondering if 28 July is a good publishing date for my new upcoming book. Thank you! Hi, i was born on 17 January What is my career and financial prediction for this year?

Generally speaking, you would have a stable luck in wealth and career. Keep a stable job would help you release pressure of wealth. Do not rely on high risked investments. Asked by Maria A. I would like to know what my future holds for this year. And what I should do to take advantage of s many blessings. The past three years was the most devastating ever and I though I could never go through but I have been blessed with a very good support system.

I also owe evrything to God, he is till soo good to me. I have a business, a lover, and unlucky to have a child. Now I want to enjoy the best that life could offer. Yes, Maria, you can try to enjoy the current life.

water pig horoscope 2020

Generally speaking, this year will be an auspicious one for you.The pig has the last position among the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Your chinese zodiac sign is Pig if you are born in of these years, The Pig horoscope predicts that the astral climate will lighten. However, there are still lessons to learn.

First of all, show yourself to be extremely reasonable in all domains of your life. Next, vow to be more selfless. The Pig is the symbol of honesty, purity, and simplicity; your average Mr. Nice Guy that lives next door. He is naturally popular but has a lot of integrity. You can definitely trust him. Some could say he is naive and easy to fool but he is really just an optimistic person always believing in the best of people.

He is unquestionably the marriage-type being that he is sweet, sensitive, and caring but at times he can be possessive and jealous. The Pig is going to have many opportunities this year. Neutralize the negative energy and fortify the positive energy with the help of essential oils and herbs and wear amulets with ruby, purple jade and moonstone to be protected. Use the Mandarin Ducks to provide a loving environmentenhancing romance and relationship quality.

To ensure that you enjoy maximum health, get a protective Kwan Yin. Some are even luckier than others by being at the right place at the right time.

But the bulk of good achievement is mainly down to industrious performance and honesty. Keep up the good effort and do not be distracted by the comfort of luxury in life. Lucky Numbers : 1, 5, 9 Lucky Colors : yellow, grey, brown, gold Lucky Directions : southeast, northeast.

By showing how strongly you feel about your mate, you are sure to make a positive impression. This love affair may even turn your life upside down. Take advantage of the positive influxes: Make your love a top priority.Last year should have been a time of building confidence and strength, symbolic of good things happening to good people that would be you. All this represents what you carry into Your mission is to choose between what you wish to bring forward and build upon and what you wish to leave behind.

Your first assignment is to understand that metal is your friend. You have a natural confidence that the element boosts, and this helps you to make plans without worrying about setbacks. You will grow! The end of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse pattern is a benchmark. The last one is the Capricorn lunar eclipse in early July, which symbolizes building for the future of a new cycle.

Synchronously, the year of the metal Rat brings growth, opportunity, and satisfaction with life. You can make strides when the timing is in your favor. Show off when the light shines, like between mid-November and mid-December, which is one of those focus times.

Metal helps you this year. Think of it as a friend with energy and ideas. The growth and comfort of your home and family continue beyond the year of the Pig, but there will be changes. Changes are good. The highly eloquent Rat stimulates conversation. With your natural element of water, words can flow harmoniously. The addition of metal in favors getting to it in honest, open discussions.

Water is less likely to sit silent and still when metal arrives to regenerate close relationships. As an added bonus, the year can be memorable when it comes to getting to know and love significant others even more. It will be a busy year.

The workplace can be extra busy, and when one has to get up to speed and put in 40 or more hours per week, it can make a peaceful Pig tense. Leave as many troubles at the door as you can. Home is your comfort zone. You might want to change the way you relax by adding exercise, expanding your world, and taking up a new hobby which is quite a metal thing, btw. Take the time to smell the flowers. Reunions can happen when Venus, the Chinese metal planet of love, turns retrograde.

People get back in touch from mid-May to late June. The metal Rat is quite the social butterfly, so expect positive, motivated merriness in If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dognot Pig.

Verify Your Sign. The Pig and the Rat are in the Water group. The Pig is Yang Water in November. Yang Water is connected to the river, running water, waterfall or ocean. It implies wisdom, initiative, energy, offensive, and encroachment. The Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine.

It doesn't care about the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle. The Rat is Yin Water in December. Yin Water is connected to rain, placid water or lake. The Rat is agile, clever, tricky, active, thoughtful, sharp-sighted and staying alert.

The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. To pursue its success, Rat often gives people the pressure. The sign is a tributary flowing into the main river.

Pig Chinese Horoscope 2020 for Chinese Year of Zodiac Rat

This implies different minded persons enjoy hangout together. Pig's thinking will be affected by the Rat. The Pig is in the Water group and contains some Yang Wood.

Yang Wood is a tall tree, big wood, landmark, leader or decision-maker. When Pig and Rat are as a team, Pig makes the final decision. The Rat is related to rain.